Things to do in a Car accident

Things to do in a car accident

1. Stay on Your Site.

Never leave the scene of an accident unless a medical emergency so requires. Usually it is preferable to wait for an ambulance and qualified medical personnel to arrive. You should stay in place until you give your full name and address to a police officer or at least the other driver. You should not leave the scene of an accident in which you have been involved as it may lead to criminal charges.

2. Search for Help.

Call 911 to report where the accident happened and if people were injured so that the police and ambulance (s) could be called. If these phones are not available, then call the local police or dial the “0” for operator assistance.

3. Pay Attendance.

Take care of the medical needs of others if you can. Do not move anyone unless it is necessary to avoid more serious injuries. Unless you have received adequate medical training, only take basic emergency measures involving bleeding, breathing, and shock if you are trained to provide such assistance.

4. Notify Others.

Take immediate action to avoid other injuries, first notify other drivers of the accident and second, move the vehicles, but only if this is necessary. If you can not do it for your injuries or because you are helping others, ask someone to signal to other vehicles from a safe position. Use light signals, reflectors, electric flashlights or even car lights, particularly at night.

5. Report the Accident.

Provide the police officer who comes to the accident site with your full name, address, and other identification information, and show your driver’s license and insurance card. That is all there is to do in most states, although depending on the situation it may be convenient to detail the accident and any injury. It is a matter of judgment on you, since cooperating with the police will look good in the eyes of the police that could be witnesses, while not cooperating could be seen as an attempt to deny guilt by the accident. Whatever you do, never admit guilt over the accident to the police or talk about the case with anyone else. Even a simple “I’m sorry” statement can be interpreted as an admission of guilt. There will be enough time later to clarify what happened and to determine the guilt of the parties. Do not sign any paper at the scene of the accident, except for the promise to go to court if a summons is issued.

6. Get Accident Information.

Use the Information Card attached to this booklet to record information necessary to protect your legal rights. Apart from that basic information, you should write down a detailed description of how the accident happened, which you can rely on later if you forget some details. Pay attention to what was wrong for each driver since the laws of most states allow a portion of their damages to be collected according to the percentage of fault that each party has. Include a map of the accident site detailing the direction of the vehicles before the crash and their positions after impact. If you have a camera, take pictures of the place, vehicles and people, or ask someone to take them out. If photographs can not be taken immediately after impact, someone should return to the scene as soon as possible to record physical evidence, which may disappear or be changed, such as tire markings on the pavement. Car accident Lawyer

7. Tow Damaged Vehicles.

If your car can not be driven, you have to move it to another place. The police will normally call a crane but it is your responsibility to pay for this service. Check with the crane company of the cost, tell the driver of the crane where to take your car, and do not fail to write down the name and address of the crane company. Never sell or dispatch your vehicle if you are considering a claim for personal injury as the nature and extent of the material damage will be significant in your claim. In some cases, the loss or destruction of your vehicle could damage your claim. Car accident Lawyer

8. Call your Insurance Agent.

You should report the accident quickly to your insurance agent because some insurers have temporary requirements that could affect coverage. If you are asked for a statement or describe the accident or your injuries, do not forget the saying “Your words can be used against you!” It is a good idea to consult with a lawyer before making any statements about an accident, especially if you have a claim for bodily injury. Statements, including those made with your own insurer, can be obtained by the counterparty and will undoubtedly be used to defend a claim of coverage against uninsured third parties or any other claim under your own policy. Car accident Lawyer

9 Should I hire a lawyer for a car accident?

The more serious your injury or more complicated your claim, the more you will need the help of a lawyer to explain your rights, represent you in your interests and get fair compensation. Many do not know their rights as a victim of a car crash except the obvious claim against the guilty driver. Many times it does not realize the existence of claims against its own insurance policy under the coverage against third parties uninsured or against third parties with insufficient limits of coverage and other claims available in many accidents, as well as those in Against the owner of the car, the driver’s employer, and defective vehicles. Finally, do not forget that for all cases there is a law of limitations that eliminates your legal rights if they are not pursued before the deadline-without exception. ? So, call a lawyer not only to learn about your legal rights, but also to find out the deadline to not lose your claim! Car accident Lawyer

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