In the new fraud of PEMEX, we are the consumers affected

In the new fraud of PEMEX, we are the consumers affected

LP Gas distributors earn equivalent earnings to more than 15 billion pesos annually, affecting the finances of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). This is because it gives significant discounts to a group of companies, which are not reflected in the price for the final consumers.
Companies like Grupo SONI, Salvador Oñate; Global gas, by Francisco Vizcaíno, and Regio gas, by Artemio and Jorge Garza, carry out monopolistic practices that inhibit competition and jeopardize the benefits of energy reform.
According to the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE), in charge of Guillermo García Alcocer, the average cost of LP gas is 16.51 pesos, 23.7% higher than in December 2016 (13.35 pesos), before the price was released.
However, in states like Quintana Roo consumers pay a maximum amount of 20.42 pesos per kilogram; That is, 30.9% more compared to the average price observed in the entity during December 2016, under the argument of a “difficult logistics” for distribution.
However, in the case of Mexico City, where there is sufficient infrastructure to serve the market, the maximum prices reach the 16.80 pesos per kilogram, while the average is 15.84 pesos, which means a rise of 18.0 and 21.1 percent more , respectively, that those observed in December 2016 in that territory.

Unfair competition

The high amounts that gas are applying to consumers contrast with the “supports” they are receiving from Pemex, and that reach 15 million pesos per year.
According to the Association of Energy Sector Regulators (ARSE), this means that these companies are receiving additional income for 250 million pesos each month.
The biggest discounts are received by a privileged group of distributors such as Francisco Vizcaíno, from Global Gas; Salvador Oñate, Banco del Bajío and SONI Gas; As well as the family of Artemio and Jorge Garza, owners of Regio Gas.
They have not lowered their prices to the public, on the contrary they have uploaded them. In addition, the discount they receive from Pemex, thus receiving an exorbitant profit of more than 250 million pesos per month.
This situation derives in that today it is more convenient to be a client of Pemex than an importer of LP gas, ‘ says the guild.
It is thus that the release of prices only benefits some entrepreneurs of the sector.
It is unfair competition, therefore Global gas and SONI gas, use as if they were own the facilities that Pemex has throughout the country and that, with the discounts ‘ in lo Shadows ‘ cause millions of losses to the company of the state, ‘ said

Outstanding Benefits

This situation prevails despite the Government’s insured on several occasions that with the release of the prices of LP gas and the import market, consumers with better prices would be benefiting.
Last April, Susana Mazola, general Coordinator of Gas activities LP de la CRE, explained in an interview with Excelsior that in winter gas costs increase by a higher demand. But that from March until September of this year, these would be low. They therefore hoped that the distributors would apply reductions
Otherwise the law allowed the authority to return to a controlled pricing scheme, forcing employers to collect specific fees.
Prices are already falling, one percent down in March, and futures are still dropping. We hope that the distributors, as well as made increases when it went up, do the consistent with a drop in prices, now that is lowering the molecule, “he said to this medium.”
However, these reductions have not been a reality, because in spite of the increasing “support” in most of the country, constant increases are still being applied.
According to sources consulted, this situation represents a fraud to the nation to the detriment of Mexican oil and consumers.
The Association of Energy Sector regulators mentions that Pemex applies every week the pricing directive authorized by the Energy Regulatory Commission; However, it subsequently applies discounts authorized by its “Pricing committee, discouraging competition” and benefiting the aforementioned select group companies.
According to the organization, this generates uncertainty, because there are no guarantees of investment to the sector, much less for those who already built infrastructure for the importation of LP gas.
As part of this, the sources accused officials of Pemex Industrial transformation, directed by Carlos Murrieta Cummings, to receive “commissions” millionaires of the gas favored, leaving aside the transparency with which they have sought to implement the Energy reform.
According to the Association of energy sector regulators, this situation is not offering guarantees of investment to the sector, since those who already built Infrastructure

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