Which is IQ Option is a scam or fraud

Which is IQ Option is a scam or fraud Comments about IQ Option When you are willing to invest your money, the first thing you want to check is whether your financial intermediary is a scam or is legit. If one of the possibilities that you raise is IQ Option, here we help you to […]

In the new fraud of PEMEX, we are the consumers affected

In the new fraud of PEMEX, we are the consumers affected LP Gas distributors earn equivalent earnings to more than 15 billion pesos annually, affecting the finances of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex). This is because it gives significant discounts to a group of companies, which are not reflected in the price for the final consumers. Companies […]

Things to do in a Car accident

Things to do in a car accident 1. Stay on Your Site. Never leave the scene of an accident unless a medical emergency so requires. Usually it is preferable to wait for an ambulance and qualified medical personnel to arrive. You should stay in place until you give your full name and address to a […]

Things to avoid when hiring a lawyer

Things to avoid when hiring a lawyer Any business that needs a good lawyer, so it is essential to get the best advice as per your budget. Making a mistake in this matter can result in wasted time and money, reworking contracts and renegotiating deals. To make this process easier, the compartments of the most […]

Why investment is important?

The term investment is one that is used to designate the act by which an individual, a company or even a government decides to place part of its earnings or dividends in an activity that allows it to obtain long-term gains and to avoid that the capital is P Ierda or splurge. Investment is also […]

Es un Fraude el Bitcoin

Es un Fraude el Bitcoin La Autoridad Britanica ya dio Aviso de no invertir en esta Moneda Es un Fraude el Bitcoin, Despues de todo lo que se ha estado induciendo por medio del internet se puede considerar que el Bitcoin llegara a ser un Fraude despues de la baja a 4,000 Dolares, esto se […]

Importancia de los prestamos

La importancia de un prestamo

La importancia de un prestamo   Aquí reside una pregunta  ¿una persona que no tiene una buena cantidad de dinero en un momento determinado no tiene derecho a ver los sueños? ¿No está autorizado a cumplir sus deseos a tiempo? ¿Debería dejar de soñar? No, porque hay una solución para estas consultas. Los préstamos están […]

Bitcoin se esta devaluando

Bitcoin se esta devaluando   El regulador financiero ha emitido una severa advertencia contra un frenesí especulativo sobre ofertas iniciales de monedas (ICOs) en criptocurrencias como bitcoin que han sido promovidos por celebridades como Paris Hilton. La Autoridad de Conducta Financiera dijo que cualquier persona que invierte en ICOs debe estar preparada para perder todo […]

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